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Message From Mike

On 22nd of June 2012, 49 (Inkerman) Battery was re-subordinated. A Gun Battery from 1779 to 1993, and then Headquarter Battery from 1993 to 2012, and now an independent battery with both RAF and RA troops in the orbat. The equipment that they will be using is called Land Enviroment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) which promises to deliver a significant improvement to battlespace management for the British Army, Leapp will operate SAAB G-AMB radars to detect, track and identify air contacts and produce a local air picture. 

There is a new Battery Commander now in place, his name is Squadron Leader Dave Bates, I would like to welcome him to the fold.

I have updated the In Memorium page with text only, this will be suffice until we have a new site.

 Due to cirumstances beyond my control the website cannot be updated as before, therefore I shall be looking into building a new one to hopefully up and running by the new year. If you requre to contact me, please use the Forum or my Facebook.


The re-subordination of 49(Inkerman)Battery Royal Artillery with Sqn Ldr Ray Ortyl accepting the Battery Flag at the disbandment parade of 40th Regt RA. At Edinburgh Castle on June 22nd 2012

Ring out the Old Ring in the New

49 OCA marching off the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle

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